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Hands-on classes and workshops.

This is a drawing class for those of you who would like to learn the secrets of this wonderful medium, and those of you who may have some experience but want to know more. This class will teach you to the difference between vine charcoal and compressed black and white charcoal. Each class will start […]

This class is for those of you would like to learn to use colored pencils, or if you have used them before, come get a refresher class and learn some new techniques and supports for your work. Explore various techniques in colored pencil: shading and highlights to create volume, building layers of color, burnishing for […]

Have you been frustrated because you never learned the tricks of the “drawing” trade? Have you painted for years but never really learned to draw? Time to learn something new? Something that will improve your hand-eye coordination, slow aging and grow your brain connections? Anyone can learn to draw with the tools I will teach […]