Event Category: Exhibit

An exhibition of artwork.

Drop Off July 1 Pick Up July 29 Reception July 7 With only 13 miles of coastline, NH doesn’t offer much in the way of long, sandy beaches, but it is rich with marshes, rocks, tide pools, and some dunes. Show us your favorite coastal spot. Anyone can enter works in our theme shows – […]

Drop Off July 29 Pick Up Aug 26 Reception Aug 4 Explore your garden …or your neighbors. Is it flowers, veggies, rocks, shrubbery, fountains, sculptures, or a combination of these garden subjects that strike your fancy? Whether you grow and construct your own or simply appreciate what grows around you, there will be no shortage […]

Drop Off Aug 26 Pick Up Sep 30 Reception Sep 1 As the sun sinks lower in the sky signifying the ending of summer days, the light takes on an amazingly warm glow and creates long shadows like fingers hugging the ground, not wanting to let go. We challenge you to capture this special time […]

Drop Of Sep 30 Pick Up Oct 28 Reception Oct 6 2015’s introduction to the Mystery Kits has been so successful; we are continuing the tradition  making it both a Scholarship fundraiser, and a Theme Show. Kits and their instructions will be available for purchase beginning in the Spring. The theme will be disclosed with […]

Drop Off Oct 28 Pick Up Dec. 27 – 30 Reception Nov 3 The challenge here is to keep your work small and priced under $100. What could be a better gift than art? It’s produced locally, has zero calories, zero fat, zero carbs, is gluten free, and the only nuts involved are perhaps the artists who […]