Class: Drawing for the Painter and Oil Painting

Event Details

Pat E. Nickerson is starting two new classes at the Exeter Town Hall Gallery classroom on Mondays starting December 4th.

  • Beginner Drawing – Drawing for the Painter – 9:00-noon
  • Oil Painting  – Noon-3:00 p.m.

Drawing for the Painter

We will be using charcoal, graphite, colored conte chalk, Pigma pen and ink, professional colored pencils and watercolor washes to create still life and then elements found in landscape design. We will study about line, form, values, composition, design and color theory. You will learn to “see as an artist sees” in order to tap into your inner art spirit!

*I will buy the material package so that we all have the same quality professional materials, unless you already have those SAME materials. I need to approve of what you have in advance or at the first class. The materials cost for drawing classes is about $20-25, which I can get for less than half price, plus extra for a professional set of colored pencils unless you wish to purchase them yourself. Please let me know at signup what you need so I can have it on hand. The materials list is included in the sign-up email. NO cheap sets allowed as they produce inferior results and hinder learning!

Oil Painting

Direct (Alla Prima) and Indirect Painting Techniques is taught in the “Realism” approach on Mondays. My experienced students will be working independently on their own projects. Once you learn a bit of the basics, I will be teaching the Layering and Glazing Technique of the Old Masters for super realism. I do not teach abstract painting. I do run small classes for the student’s benefit.

Class Fees:
Mixed Media Workshop: includes materials and snacks, and is preregistered online at $25.00 a class. Mondays &Saturdays- 10 classes for $180.00 registration is required to hold your spot in either Drawing or Oil Painting at first signup. 5/$90.00 for returning student. If you want to really learn to see as an artist, I recommend an all day studio class experience of drawing then painting, which is considered 2 classes in one day. Class critiques each week, teacher demos included. We will use short art videos as well as my extensive collection of Master Art Instruction books for reference. You will also have access to class handouts to help you build your artist’s reference material.

*NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A BASIC PAINTING KIT OF PROFESSIONAL PAINTS, A FEW BRUSHES, A FEW NEEDED MEDIUMS, AND A FEW BASIC CANVASES NOT LARGER THAN 16”X20” FOR A LANDSCAPE. 8”X10” canvas is recommended to start, as well as 9”X12” OR 11”X14. Please do not bring inferior paper panels, as they do delaminate and are impossible to get good results on. PLEASE REFER TO MY BASIC LIST OF SUPPLIES. I always have a supply of 8”x10” canvases that you may have for $1.25 each if you need one. For a fee of $5.00 per class, you may use my materials until you get your own. An Oil painting initial startup kit is about $50.00. I can put together a small kit at real wholesale prices for you if you mail a check in for that when you register for classes.

E-Mail me: for more info and a suggested materials list for classes. GIFT CARDS ARE AVAILABLE.

Pat holds other art classes at her Deerfield, New Hampshire studio – see her website for details.

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