Second Sunday Demo: Op Art by Lisa McManus

Event Details

Op and Pop art have been a thing since the 1960’s, and have recently begun to attract new attention! Witness this exhibit at the MFA in Boston. The urge to explore the role and nature of popular imagery, and hold it up next to high art, is a fun jab at all we hold dear in our art hearts. Op art is a branch of Pop, an extension of geometric expressionism, with a kick. Play with optical effects. French Old Masters did and created trompe l’oeil images. Typical versions of Op Art are black and white, but the juxtaposition of strong colors on opposite sides of the color wheel also create images that arrest and capture the eye.

See a demo of the simpler versions of Op Art at a demonstration on Jan 14 at SAA. Experience and answer for yourself, what else can art be? If you can’t wait, do a quick search of images on Google for Susie Rosmarin’s paintings. Her work is a feast for the eyes.

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