Featured Artist: Kevin Talbot

Down the Hatch by Kevin Talbot

You are invited to attend the artist reception for Kevin Talbot on Friday November 3, 2017 from 4pm to 7pm from at the Seacoast Artist Association gallery, 130 Water Street, Exeter.

As November’s featured Artist Talbot will be displaying his photographs. These are printed on metal and have a clean, fresh look, and are ready for hanging without the extra expense of glass, matting and framing. Refreshments will be served.

Tucked in for the Night by Kevin Talbot

Kevin Daniel Talbot is a local nature photographer who has honed his skills over the past twenty-five years on the ponds, in the woods, and across the mountains of his native New England. An avid hiker he, along with his trusted and faithful companions Emma, his dog, and Judy, his wife, have tramped New Hampshire’s forty-eight Four-Thousand Footers and many lesser hills and peaks across New England on hundreds of hikes over the past fifteen years. A journal and photographs of the amazing hikes they took together can be found at: Ghostflowers.com

In March of 2004 he made his first winter visit as an overnight guest to the Mount Washington Observatory where he discovered they had a volunteer program. Jumping in both feet he applied, and has now made the eight-day long trips to the summit in all seasons to be the volunteer cook and housekeeper for that shift for the small crew which mans the weather station on the summit of Mount Washington on a 24/7/365 basis. Photographs and video from these trips is truly amazing and can also be found on his website in the Mount Washington section.

Look Mom! I can fly! by Kevin Talbot

Over the past seven years Kevin has been working on a project where he has taken photographs each day and chosen one for posting on Facebook and on his own website. This has resulted in hundreds of his best images being compiled. You can follow this project and view past photos from it in the Daily Photo section of his website. Photo-books of this project are also in the works. A book of his maternal grandmother’s poems with his photography entitled “Ghostflowers” is available.

Find Kevin on Facebook to follow his adventures and view his amazing photographs, and be sure to visit Ghostflowers.com to see large resolution photos of his work as well as find journals of his adventures.

You can visit the artist’s website at https://ghostflowers.smugmug.com
E-mail: kevin@ghostflowers.com

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