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Karen Desrosiers is a visual artist and writer living and working in the seacoast region of New Hampshire.

Art has been a constant part of Karen’s life. She studied art from a young age. The need for practicality got in the way for a while, and Karen was side-tracked by a job in corporate America and high-tech. Even during that time, art was a constant in Karen’s life.

After 9/11, Karen decided to leave corporate America and high-tech behind. She became the executive director of a small non-profit art center, the Exeter Center for Creative Art (ECCA), where she taught art to children and adults. Working at ECCA also afforded Karen the time to get back to her own artwork. During this time, she took classes in art and writing, eventually earning a MFA in Fiction Writing.

Karen has refocused her energies on her art—visual and writing. She works in a variety of mediums, enjoying the unique results and effects she is able to create with each. Whether oil paints, collage, photography, or mosaics, Karen’s work features color and texture.

It is the responsibility of all artists, whether literary, visual, or performing, to process the world in a way that is meaningful and authentic, and to help their readers and viewers understand the human condition in new ways.

In her fiction writing, Karen often explores the darker side of life, how people treat each other, questions of family dynamics and relationships. Her visual art, on the other hand, is about joy and hope, with bright colors and positive images.

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