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Art, graphic design and especially sewing, have always been passions of mine. I have been sewing since I was a child, but because I have also been a dancer, most of my early sewing experience was with costumes. I attended Adelphi University and majored in dance, and while there studied costume design. Having had no other formal training as an artist I have always had an interest in art and graphic design. Several years ago I was introduced to the technique of free style quilting and discovered a way of combining my sewing experience and artistic desires. Incorporating the basic technique that I learned originally, I have since developed a style of my own through trial and error and by studying many other fabric artists. My work appears in many private collections throughout the United States and has won several awards in both the Fabric and Art worlds.

The actual process is similar to painting; my sewing machine being my brush and my fabric, thread and tulle (nylon net) being my medium. Fabric is layered and stitched on a sewing machine using the hand guided free motion technique. Currently I am working on creating a series of monochromatic pieces using the medium of fabric and tulle. This is a technique I am developing where minimal fabric color is used incorporating a gradation of several layers of tulle to bring the image to life.

Born in Portsmouth, NH, I have lived my entire life on the seacoast, currently residing in Portsmouth, NH and Shapleigh, ME.

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