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For the past twenty years I have worked as a quality engineer in the hi-tech electronics industry. I moved to the seacoast area in 2013 after living in southern NH and working in Massachusetts north of Boston. My interest in photography gained traction in high-school where I learned to develop B&W prints and praticed the zone system. I read several photography magazines cover to cover for years and eventually began to understand them and put some of that knowledge into practice. I was an active member of Kenoza Camera Club for many years where I continued to refine my skills behind the lens and in the darkroom. While I have dabbled in photography professionally, I have resisted making it a career and all of my dabbling has been on a freelance basis to include; Hart Modeling Agency- Boston MA; Academie’ Moderne- Boston MA. More recently I have published illustrated articles for periodicals to include “Fly Rod and Reel” and “Fly Fishing New England”. Before joining SAA last year I sold prints in galleries and cafes in northern MA.

Photography has always been a personal exploration of my own varied interests. I generally resist categorizing my photography but a great deal of it is of nature. I will often take my camera out with a specific goal in mind and come home with something completely different. I constantly strive to stay open minded and attempt to see things through the innocent eyes of a child. Often times I see things through a camera lens that I would have missed otherwise. Any tool that can increase my awareness excites me especially one that allows me to share those experiences. Millions of pictures are taken every day but photographs are far more rare. A photograph catches your attention from across the room and as you walk up to it you are compeled to listen to it.

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Vance Evans
12 Prospect Street
Exeter, NH 03833
Phone: 603-489-3793

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