SAA Officers

Officers are elected from the membership and serve an annual term. Meetings are held monthly.

President Annick Bouvron-Gromek
Vice President Ellen Ryder Griffin
Treasurer Darlene Zahn
Secretary Natalie Rotman Cote
Board Members Pat Boyd-Robertson
Eunice Miller
Doris Rice
Mary Jane Solomon
Gallery Manager Mary Jane Solomon
Assistant Gallery Manager Annick Bouvron-Gromek
Newsletter Denise Brown
Membership OPEN
Gallery Calendar Monitor Annick Bouvron-Gromek
Marketing Eunice Miller
Scholarship Gerry Bresnahan
Gwen Morgan
Coordinator of Classes and Workshops Elaine Sylvester
Featured Artist Coordinator Annick Bouvron-Gromek
Webmaster Dennis Skillman
Dave Thompsen