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Eunice spent 27 years in a Big Rig traveling throughout America and Canada, hauling all but fuel and livestock. With over 3 million miles in the seat of her own eighteen wheeler she wants you to know she has seen it all. I am also working on my own memoir. I have made up for the lack of schooling in the arts by living and lovin this life I have been given. Retiring at just 50 she has spent the last 10 years on a journey to find who she is. Having to fill the 18 hours a day she now had free. With no schooling in photography or watercolor she set out to learn all she could, on her own, by reading and just jumping in. Having gone through the nation’s cities of Chicago, Boston and LA with an 80 foot rig she is fearless when there is something she wants to do.

You can find me on my Facebook page at Folsom Mill Studio as well as online sites that will make a card or print from what I capture with my camera or paint with Watercolor.

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Eunice Miller
Folsom Mill Studio
Phone: 603-300-0064

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Media: Photography, Watercolor

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