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Art has always been an integral part of my life even though I’m not formally educated in the fine arts. I grew up surrounded by easels and paint brushes while my mother taught numerous art classes out of our childhood home. Trained as a physician, I chose pathology as a specialty after being drawn to the beautiful world I experienced under the microscope lens. To deal with the stress of my career I turned to yoga and daily meditation. Unexpectedly, these methods of self-exploration led me to realize I needed to make more time and space in my life to explore my creative path and to share that journey with others. In 2009, I left my pathology practice of six years for a part time position with another group in order to do just that.

So far, I’ve found that the process of creating is a way to reach a meditative, peaceful state. Through my brush I attempt to explore the natural and mystical world and to capture the spirit of the subject I am painting. I believe the only way to truly know nature and in turn ourselves is to study it, contemplate it, explore each exquisite detail and only then finally, truly recognize it. Our modern lives have become so overfilled with technology and multitasking that we seem to take for granted the beauty that is all around us and within us. I hope my artwork will serve as a vehicle to remind us and reawaken us to that beauty.

Member of the NH Art Association, Seacoast Artist Association, Manchester Artist Association

How to Contact Me

Heather L. Crowley
137 Willow Road
East Kingston, NH 03827
Phone: 603-347-2027
Email: hlc@willowroadwc.com
Website: www.willowroadwc.com

About my Art

Media: Watercolor

Subjects: Nature, yoga, Buddhist and Eastern philosophy, Native American and indigenous, spiritual, mandalas

My Artwork