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Jo Gargaly

Jo Gargaly studied painting at Choate Rosemary Hall under the guidance of Peter Charlap where she was awarded the Art Prize for Excellence at her high school graduation in 1976.  She also won a semester long scholarship to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in England, but was not allowed to go by her high school biology department head, because she had not fulfilled a biology requirement. Jo was accepted into the University of New Hampshire as an art major but changed majors because art majors were required to take two years of foreign language. Not to be thwarted, Jo has continued her love of painting and drawing while pursuing a career as a teacher and library media specialist.

In 2009, Jo decided to try a new medium and began taking watercolor classes from Doris Rice. Her watercolors reflect her awe of nature and love of children. Jo works to capture the emotion of the moment in her paintings.

Besides painting, Jo loves bicycle riding, reading, gardening, and would love to learn to play polo. Jo currently lives and plays in Brentwood, New Hampshire with her husband, and two golden retrievers. Her three grown sons have flown the nest!

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