Debra Woodward: The Tuscan Laundry Series

by Debra Woodward

Debra Woodward, one of the SAA’s gallery artisans, presents a new series of photographs titled the “Tuscan Laundry” series in January. Meet her at the reception on Friday January 6th from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Artist Statement

Now more than ever, with people in power who do not believe climate change is real, we have to take it upon ourselves to do what we can to protect our environment. Changes are already occurring to New England’s climate, including warmer winters, reduced snowfall, increased rainfall, rising sea level, and more severe weather events that increase the risk of flooding. This show depicts an example of the wonderful Italian culture and lifestyle which is so different for our own. 95% of homes in Italy do not use energy-sapping dryers where 85% of homes in the US do. I am using tree-friendly frames made from sustainable mocha bamboo. They are recyclable and have a Non-Toxic finish. All the elements are bio-degradable and the finish is water-based and free of harsh chemical solvents.


A NH native, Debra belongs to the Seacoast Artist Association, and is one of their four juried Gallery Artisans. She is a also a member of the NH Art Association, the Newburyport Art Association and the NH Society of Photographic Artists. Debra works as national sales manager for the book publisher Red Wheel/Weiser in Newburyport, MA. She lives on the Seacoast with her husband and four fabulous felines adopted from the NHSPCA.

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